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Vijayamathi Jayakumar


Vijayamathi Jayakumar

She has 10+ years experience in chess as trainer. She was awarded the National Instructor Title by FIDE after attending the FIDE Training Seminar conducted in Singapore.


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Short Bio

Jayakumar Vijayamathi has 10 + years experience in playing chess and is chess enthusiast.

She represented school teams in her younger teams and has been training kids during her part time.

She is active in Fide Online Arena and has obtained her International Master title recently.

She has gone through the following training’s

  • FIDE Trainers Commission and got the National Instructor Title.
  • Singapore Chess Federation Instructor Course.


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Other Info


As a FIDE - National Instructor her mission is to

a. Raise the level of competitive chess players to a national level standard.
b. Training trainees with rating up to 1700.



She is very good in conducting chess coaching

  • Basic level chess
  • Intermediate level chess.
  • Advanced level chess.

for kids and young adults.