Level 2 : Chess Intermediate Course

Developing the Chess Game.


This course is for aspirants who know the fundamental of chess and can record and review basic chess games.


In this course you will be prepared to handle the following:

  • Chess Openings and Analyse different Openings
  • Middle Game
    • Bishops in Middle Game
    • Knights in Middle Game
    • Rooks in Middle Game
    • Queen in Middle Game
  • End Game
    • Passed pawns in End Game
    • Advanced Rook End Games
    • Advanced Queen End Games
    • End Game Tactics.

Different Chess tactics will be analyzed with Chess Puzzles.


Course Syllabus

Section 1: Introduction to advanced chess

Section 2: Chess Development

Section 3: Chess Openings

Section 4: Chess Middle Games

Section 5: Chess End Games

Section 6