59th National Inter-School Team Chess Championship 2018

The 59th National Inter-School Team Chess Championship 2018 will be held in Singapore

Date: 04th September 2018 (Tuesday) – Primary U11.

05th September 2018 (Wednesday) – Primary U09 & Primary Open.

06th September 2018 (Thursday)  – Secondary Section.

Time: 10:00 a.m to 06:00 p.m

Venue: Northland Primary School, 15 Yishun Avenue 4, Singapore 769026


  1. The Championships shall be played under FIDE Laws of Chess & is Non-FIDE-rated; rating will be used for pairing purposes only.
  2. Timing Control
    • 15 minutes plus 10 seconds increment from move 1.
    • Default time shall be 15 minutes.
  3. Team Composition & Board Order
    • A team shall consist of 4 players, who shall be listed in a fixed order before the competition begins.
    • There shall be no imposition of rating in board order.
    • For each wrong placing in the team, a default of 1 point shall be awarded to the opposing team.
  4. Scoring
    • 1 point for a won game, ½ for draw and 0 for a loss.
    • The team receiving a BYE shall be awarded 2 Game Points & 1 Match Point.
  5. Tie-Breaks
    • The team with the highest number of Game Points will be declared the winner.
    • In the case of a tie, it shall be resolved by
      • Match Points.
      • The result between the teams involved.
      • Sum of the Game Points of all the team’s opponent.
  6. Submission of Results
    • Upon the completion of a match, both Captains shall submit the duly signed Results Sheets to the Arbiter in charge.
    • Where there is a walkover, this shall be indicated on the Result Sheet.
    • A team conceding a walkover shall not be paired for the next round and the Chief Arbiter must be consulted before the team can be reinstated for subsequent rounds.
    • All results on Results Sheets shall stand once it is submitted.
  7.  Recording
    • The recording is not compulsory.
    • Players shall have no right of claim in the case of a dispute if he/she does not keep a proper record of their games.
  8. Disputes
    • Any dispute arising from a game shall be referred to the Section Arbiter or Chief Arbiter.
    • Chief Arbiter’s decision shall be final.
    • No correspondences will be entertained after the game.
  9. Electronic Devices
    • The use of mobile phones and/or communication devices is prohibited.
    • Any ring or sound arising from such devices during the game shall be an immediate loss without appeal.
  10. Others
    • Any Player found prompting would be expelled from the tournament immediately and no replacement shall be allowed.
    • On completion of a game, a player must leave the Playing Area, except for the Team Captain who has the responsibility of supervising his/her team. Any player found infringing this rule would be expelled from the Tournament and no replacement shall be allowed.
    • No analysis of games or friendly games is allowed in the Playing Hall. Offenders shall be expelled directly from the tournament and play no further part in the tournament.
    • Pairings and team lists shall be posted on SCF website: For any clarifications please write to email:
  11. Team Captain
    • The Team Captain is required to ensure the proper filling up of players’ line-up and the results on the result slips.
    • Both the Team Captains are to submit the result slip together at the Arbiter’s table. Result slips signed and submitted are taken to be the final results. Captains are to check before signing & submitting the result slips.
    • The Captain is also allowed to advise the player under these 3 conditions:
      • When the Captain wants the player to offer a draw.
        ◼ The captain can say:”Please offer a draw.”
      • When the player receives a draw offer
        ◼ The player can ask the Captain:”Should I accept the draw?”
        ◼ The Captain can reply::”Yes”, “No” or “You decide”.
      • Other than the above situation, Captain is not allowed to communicate with the player in any way.
        (i.e.: Captain cannot comment on the position on the board, neither can he comment on the time left on the clock).
      • A player has the final say over the conduct of his game.
      • All Captain & Player communication should be done in the presence of an Arbiter.
      • Team Captains are only allowed to stand behind their respective teams.
  12. Prizes:
    • Category: Shall be awarded to Top 3 teams in each category
    • Zonal: Top 3 teams in North, South, East, West Zones & International School
    • A team can win more than 1 prize.
    • A Challenge Cup shall be awarded to the Best School based on:
      • Sum of game points of 3 best teams
      • In the event of a tie, it shall be resolved by
        • Match Points of 3 best teams;
        • Sum of the Game Points of the 3 best teams opponent.
        • In the event of a tie, Joint Winners will be declared.


Note: Please kindly verify the Singapore Chess Federation website for updates. Legend Chess Academy will not be responsible for any actions taken.