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Why Playing Chess Is Important ?

Kids get smarter by playing chess that is the beauty of chess and our FREE private lesson is great opportunity for you and your child to explore the benefits of chess and we can assure that your child will receive the individual attention to evaluate their strength and identify opportunity for growth.


What to expect ?

After the assessment you can expect - Assessment of key areas to develop. - Expanded chess knowledge - Recommendations of how to improve effectively.

What will be covered during the session ?

The Free Private lesson is an hours lesson that offers insight into - What is the knowledge of your child in terms of basics of chess like : - Chess Board and how the pieces are arranged - Chess pieces movement - Pawn, Knight, Bishop,Rook, King - Basic rules of chess - What aspects of chess would be beneficial for your child to learn next ? - How Legend Chess Coach believes your child can best improve their chess skills moving forward ?

For Appointments

Please  call us at + 65 90738374 or email us enquiry@legendchess.com